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Test Compact Disc Product for sale.

See full details of how to Build/Edit page in Description Section below

SKU: C-10290CD Category:


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Dashboard – Left sidebar
Mouse over product name > Click Duplicate
Go to the Attributes under Products
Name the attribute and click add new (blue button)


Middle section
In the “long description” area
Add the product details…

Product Data – Drop down – Variable product
(this is so that the button text can be changed)
Click on the Attribute tab –
Inventory this is SKU number for product tracking – Product short description
Select the Custom product attribute dropdown – click on color/size – click add button — Visible on the product page – check box Used for variations – check box
add values size – s, m, l — click save attribute button
Select the Variation tab just under the Attribute tab — create variations from the attributes that were added — these are cross referenced (the call now button does not work with variable products)

Regular price($)


Right sidebar
Product categories – CD, Shirt, Book, Specials…etc.
Product image – This is where you set the store image.
Product gallery – add images the same way you add them for the Product image
Publish – draft of publish/update


Because there are dropdown selections on the actual product page (color and sizes) there would be no reason to call about this product, but select and then add to cart. This type of product would be for online check out only. At a latter date if there is an add to cart check out then this page will be more useful.

Additional information


Black, Blue, Red


L, M, S